Does the wound heal quicker if I continue applying MPPT after the infection is gone?

No, MPPT is for use during the inflammatory wound healing phase. Once the wound is clean, free of infection and exhibiting new granulation tissue as buds or healthy-red looking connective tissue and / or epithelial tissue, it has exited the inflammatory phase and entered the proliferative healing phase. In the proliferative phase, the healing usually proceeds unhindered…

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After discontinuing the use of MPPT, how should I care for the wound?

MPPT is discontinued when the wound has entered the regenerative wound healing phase. The wound should now preferably be covered with a permeable, atraumatic, open-weave, contact layer dressing and a few-ply gauze on top. This protects the regenerating wound bed while still allowing the wound to breathe. An example of a suitable contact layer dressing is N-A…

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