Water is preferable for wound cleaning… but – Why can hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) be useful in some cases?

It is to be recognised that some wounds have a contusion zone consisting of tissue balancing on the edge between being viable (being able to live) and unviable and therefore destined to die off sooner or later. It is preferable to get rid of the unviable tissue as early in the wound healing process as possible as…

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How does MPPT work (MoA)?

MPPT works in three steps: Absorption, Pumping by capillary forces and Evaporation. The Exudate is absorbed into the MPPT micropore particles. These are highly porous and the pores (or capillaries) are interconnected. The capillaries work as a battery of small individual pumps that by means of capillary forces suck ( pumps) the exudate to the surface of…

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