Wounds demonstrating delayed healing represent a major unmet medical need and they burden the healthcare systems very considerably, e.g. in the UK the burden of wound care is £5.3 billion every year in direct costs. Willingsford has developed a new approach to support the healing of complicated wounds. It has the following characteristics:

  • First-in-Class, low risk medical device to support the healing of wounds to close by secondary and tertiary intention.
  • White, odourless powder to be applied topically to the wound. A very light, permeable dressing is recommended but can be omitted altogether in difficult-to-dress and moving areas.
  • Applicable to all wound types. It can be used on acute, chronic, and non-healing wounds with low to high levels of exudate including wounds with infection or necrosis, e.g. infected post-surgical wounds, trauma wounds, abscesses, burns, diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers etc.
  • Wounds halted in the inflammatory wound healing phase exit this phase 60% faster. This leads to an overall reduction in hospital bed days of 31%.
  • An average of 3 applications have shown to be sufficient to obtain a clean wound and for the wound to progress into the proliferative stage for healing to progress.
  • It strips bacteria of their defences by removing toxins released by pathogenic bacteria and disrupting biofilm. This allows the immune cells to selectively kill the pathogenic bacteria without damaging the healthy (and necessary) micro-flora of the wound.
  • This support of the immune system allows for the removal of antibiotic resistant infections without creating new resistant strains.


Acapsil has received EU-approval to support the healing of wounds in humans. Please visit the Acapsil website for more information.


SertaSil holds similar properties to Acapsil and is for use in veterinary wound care. Please visit the SertaSil website for more information.