Research & Development

As a medical device company, Willingsford focuses on the healing of highly complicated wounds. Experience has repeatedly shown that what sounds ingenious as a theory on the drawing board or looks very promising in the artificially controlled environment of the laboratory does not always turn out to perform as remarkably as hoped for once transferred into the real life environment. Underlying diseases as well as non-artificially created situations and injuries heavily affect the outcome of the recovery processes.

Therefore, in Willingsford, we focus on what works in real life patients. Whereas we, of course, do all our research in accordance with the highest standards of the industry, we only settle for products that show substantial benefits to patients.

We know what we do best and focus on that. Consequently, we are only interested in truly novel solutions or therapies that provide real improvements. For the same reasons we do not pursue the development of follow-on products nor do we try to create an artificial need.

This approach may not help us grow into the biggest medical device company in the world. We believe, however, that keeping this focus will allow us to retain a high degree of overall company agility and quick decision making which again will allow us to create the right environment for doing what we are good at, namely Innovate, Challenge dogmas, Interpret & trust data and Create change.