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Acapsil and Aprobaxil for use in humans are available within the EU.

SertaSil and Adinasil for use in animals are generally available, except the US.

Acapsil and Aprobaxil

Acapsil and Aprobaxil are available in 750 mg, 2 gram and 3 gram bottles.

Before buying, please remember:

  • Acapsil and Aprobaxil are temperature sensitive and needs to be stored under refrigeration
  • 750 mg is sufficient for approx. 25 - 30 sq.cm wound surface, if they are used with a covering dressing. If they are used without a covering dressing, they will cover a considerably larger area, but more frequent applications will often be required, making the effective area more or less the same.
  • The bottles are not single use, which means there will be no waste.
  • Consider consulting a healthcare professional if it is a serious wound.

SertaSil and Adinasil for animals

SertaSil and Adinasil are available in 2 grams, 3 grams, 10 grams and 12 grams bottles.

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