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Only natural ingredients

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9 week old chronic pressure ulcer in SCI-person

https://youtu.be/BmAAtj2UhN8 Paraplegic patient had 9-week old pressure ulcer on buttock. Hydrogel, manuka honey and Flaminal Forte, respectively in combination with Durafibre had been tried, but the wound remained non-healing and slowly deteriorating, i.e. expanding. Acapsil was applied once daily for 3 days and initiated healing. From Day 0…

Gun Bullet Wound

A 43-year-old male patient was admitted to hospital with a two week old gun bullet wound complicated with inflammatory colonisation and infiltration of the anterior abdominal wall. Upon examination, an infiltration 11.0 х 6.5 cm in the left iliac area was identified. In the infiltration centre there was…

Thermal burn

The 59-year-old patient was hospitalized with a two-week-old thermal full thickness burn on the right thigh and shank, 4%, degree ІІІ B. The state of the patient was moderate, body temperature 38.5°С, the whole surface of the skin and subcutaneous basis in the affected area was necrotized with…

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