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Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

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The secondary dressing to cover and hold the MPPT layer in place should be light, dry and highly permeable. This allows the wound exudate to evaporate and the wound to breathe, as is the intention, as MPPT effectively facilitates the evaporation of the wound exudate.

Two alternatives:

Swab (thin)

A simple few-ply (e.g.4 ply) lint free swab is a good and inexpensive choice.
If the MPPT layer is applied correctly, i.e. covering the entire wound surface and wound edges, the swab will not stick to the wound bed.

Contact layer dressing

A paper thin, highly permeable, open mesh wound “contact layer” dressing is a more sophisticated alternative. It must be dry and above all non-impregnated as Amicapsil cannot remove the exudate if used in combination with any other topical products. NA from Systagenix is an example of a dry contact layer dressing in the form of a non-adherent open knitted viscose rayon sheet with a silicone coating.

DO NOT USE impregnated contact layer dressings.
Examples of impregnating substances to be avoided are paraffin, lipido-colloids, triglycerides (fatty acids), petrolatum and ointments.