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100% closure rate of pressure ulcers

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Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

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Amicapsil 750mg bottle and MPPT-powder
Amicapsil 1 x 750mg
Amicapsil 2 x 750mg

To place an order

Please send an e-mail to “contact @” – (remember to remove the spaces). Payment is by bank transfer or by card (STRIPE pay-by-link).

Pricing is given upon request.

For individuals in the UK with SCI, MS, diabetes or other preexisting conditions, it is possible to get VAT relief. Please contact us.

750 mg is sufficient for approx. 50 square cm wound surface if used with a covering dressing and more if used without. Different bottle sizes are available. Please contact us at “contact @”.

The bottles are multi-use, i.e. their content can be used over several days – so no waste.

The product must be stored refrigerated and returned to the refrigerator immediately after each use.

Is Amicapsil or SertaSil suitable?

For assistance to evaluate suitability, please send us an e-mail with a short description of the wound, including:

  • Type of wound, location, size and depth
  • Age of wound and particular symptoms
  • Current treatment regime (in detail)
  • Please include a recent picture in focus and high resolution.


Amicapsil and SertaSil are highly suitable for self-care due to ease of use. Please contact us, if you would like your wound assessed daily and receive:

  • Instructions on what to do and how to improve your routine
  • Feedback on progress
  • When and how to change the routine as the wound progresses

For this service, you would need to send us pictures of your wound and have access to e-mail.

Great Britain

  • VAT is charged in the UK.
  • Deliveries are free with purchases above £100 before VAT.
  • Deliveries under £100 are £13.15 + VAT.
  • Delivery is by courier and can be dispatched Mondays to Thursdays.
  • Saturday and same-day delivery are possible, but will incur additional charges.
  • Amicapsil/SertaSil is packed in pure wool with ice.
  • Somebody must be available to receive the parcel and immediately place the product on refrigeration.

Rest of the world

  • For delivery outside the UK, we do not charge VAT (sales tax). However, it may be charged by your own country.
  • Most countries do not charge customs duty on wound products.
  • Delivery costs depend on time of year. To meet the cold-chain requirements of the product, the packaging is adopted to seasonal temperature changes.
  • Deliveries should be dispatched as early in the week as possible. Please contact us for details.
  • Somebody must be available to receive the parcel and immediately place the product on refrigeration.

Instructions for Use


Amicapsil is based on micropore particle technology (MPPT) and is intended for human use.

Download: Amicapsil Instructions for Use


SertaSil is based on micropore particle technology (MPPT) and is intended for veterinary use. Download: SertaSil Instructions for Use

Before buying, please remember:

The products are temperature sensitive and need to be stored under refrigeration.

Amicapsil and Aprobaxil for use in humans are regulatory approved under the EU medical device directive and marketed in the UK. Most countries, e.g. the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand allow private import for own personal use. India does not.

See: Case-reports: Humans

SertaSil and Adinasil for use in animals are generally available.

Please refer to Instructions for Use before using. Please also watch the videos.

See: Case-reports: Animals