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Willingsford is a British healthcare company. It was founded in 2010 for the purpose of pursuing MPPT in wound healing.

At the time, studies had demonstrated that the technology was effective in wound healing, but for commercialisation, the technology still had a long way to go. The mode-of-action was not completely understood, it was necessary to develop the manufacturing process and to achieve regulatory approval. Willingsford was therefore established and with the help of a UK government grant, the goal of gaining the CE-mark was achieved in July 2016.

Following approval, products based on MPPT were launched in the UK and the rest of Europe.

In March 2017, Willingsford received a second UK government grant to support the further development of MPPT.

Since launch, MPPT has been used by several hospitals and in community care and it has been able to promote the healing of a number of "non-healing" wounds. Many have described MPPT as a disruptive technology because it is based on completely new principles and because it can help wounds that no longer could be helped by existing approaches. However, its novelty also means that its acceptance takes time. It has been estimated that it takes around 9-10 years for a new technology to be fully accepted by the medical profession.

MPPT is available for human and veterinary wound healing in the EU and efforts to seek regulatory approval in other territories are ongoing.

In parallel with these activities, Willingsford is actively pursuing a number of other healthcare technologies.

Willingsford is looking for partners and distributors around its wound healing technology.