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Boils, furuncles, carbuncles, and abscesses

Boils, with the technical name furuncles, are caused by an infection within the skin-hair-shaft. This infection is caused by an unbalance in the microbiome within the follicular channel, i.e. the cavity in the skin in which the hair is rooted. When several follicular channels within close proximity get infected, this cluster of furuncles is referred to as a carbuncle. Carbuncles will often leak pus from one or more points. Boils and carbuncles can dig deeper into the surrounding skin tissue and the underlying tissue structures and create an abscess, or they can erupt on the skin surface. Such eruption allows direct access to the cavity by other microbes living on the surrounding skin surface and is likely to add to the unbalance in the microbial community. The most likely outcome of an eruption is therefore an infection in the cavity of the erupted furuncle. Amicapsil can now support the immune system in restoring the microbial balance of the skin microbiome and thereby remove the infection.

An eruption that releases its pus on the skin surface is likely to spread the infective agent to other parts of the skin or to other people. Therefore, a swift removal of the infection is recommendable. Furthermore, infection is closely associated with scar formation, and its quick removal will minimise scarring.

In a clinical study, Amicapsil removed the infection from opened furuncles and carbuncles / abscesses in less than half the time (60%) compared to an antibiotic and an antiseptic. It also cut the number of days the patient needed to remain in hospital by over one third (41%).

Amicapsil cannot help unopened abscesses.

Untreated cabuncles can cause infection of the deeper layers of the skin, i.e. cellulitis. This should not be overlooked, as cellulitis is one of the main causes of septicaemia / blood-poisoning with the risk of sepsis / septic shock. As soon as the abscess has been opened and its content removed, Acapsil can help clear the cellulitis.

In the UK 46,000 people die from sepsis annually. (source NHS). In the US the annual number of deaths caused by sepsis is 270,000 (source CDC)

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