Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

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Please see refer to Instructions for Use for a complete description.

A quick overview:
Clean the wound using saline or tap water. Use a lint free swab to help remove any undesired matter.
Gently dry the wound dabbing it using a dry lint-free swab or lukewarm air-dryer.
Sprinkle on MPPT in an even layer of 1-3mm covering the entire wound surface and edges.
Cover with a light, permeable secondary dressing facilitating the desired evaporation facilitated by MPPT.


Please remember:

MPPT can only work on the surfaces that it touches.

Therefore, when applying MPPT, it is really important to remember to cover the ENTIRE wound surface.

Wound surface in this case would be both the visible area when looking at the wound from a distance AND all the surfaces that appear by lifting up flaps along the sides of the wound, e.g undermined areas, as well as the surfaces lining crevices, tunnels, sinuses etc, i.e. everything that is exposed to the air and accessible within the opening of the skin.


The secondary dressing covering MPPT must be completely permeable.

Please see “What secondary dressing is recommended?” for further explanations and suggestions.