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Micropore Particle Technology - MPPT - a safe and effective wound treatment
A passive immunotherapy acting via the microbiome without the use of antimicrobials.
Proven efficacy on non-healing and infected wounds in humans and animals.
Effective on antimicrobial resistant (AMR) wound infections.

Amicapsil - wound treatment in humans

Wounds, ulcers and burns.

SertaSil - wound treatment in animals

Wounds, ulcers and burns in dogs, horses and other animals.

Aprobaxil - dermatology in humans

Acne, pyoderma gangrenosum, hidradenitis suppurativa, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, zits etc.

Adinasil - dermatology in animals

Eczema, dermatitis, granuloma, insect bites, autoimmune skin conditions and others

Treatment of necrotizing fasciitis in dog

Treatment of antibiotic resistant, flesh-eating infection and wound closure, in dog


Closure of 9 months old venous leg ulcer


Uncomplicated healing of severe hock trauma wound in horse


Effective closure of acute and chronic pressure ulcers in SCI-persons


Effective in treating antibiotic resistant, flesh-eating infections


Amicapsil can control soft tissue infection caused by osteomyelitis

Avoiding skin grafting

Infected full thickness wound after skin cancer surgery healed without grafting or antibiotics


Treatment of antibiotic resistant infection and closure of knee puncture wound in horse


Closure of chronic grade-4 pressure ulcer in person with SCI


Healing of full thickness burn in person with spinal cord injury

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SCI - wounds and pressure ulcers

Amicapsil shown effective in closing acute and chronic wounds and pressure ulcers in SCI-persons.

Amicapsil shown effective in wounds caused by osteomyelitis in removing soft tissue infection, reducing wound size and in reducing risk of sepsis.

Amicapsil is suitable for teletreatment, providing freedom and independence.

Amicapsil can be used without extended or continuous bed rest.

Read about Amicapsil-SCI and the treatment of wounds and pressure ulcers in SCI-persons.


Willingsford will be presenting at the virtual International Symposium on Infectious Diseases (ISID) 2023 organised by the University of Gibraltar, 22-23 May 2023.

Willingsford presented at the annual British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) meeting in Manchester, 23-25 March 2023.

Willingsford presents at the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) in Orlando, Florida, September 2022

SertaSil treats dog with happy-tail with flesh-eating infection.

SertaSil treats dog with tail-tip bitten off

MPPT can be used for

♦ Closure of wounds that cannot be sutured
♦ Preparing an area for surgery by removing soft-tissue infection in the area
♦ Removing reminants of a diffuse tissue infection and supporting wound healing following surgery
♦ Antibiotic resistant wound infections
♦ Preventing infection in a wound, e.g. trauma or surgical wounds
♦ Inflammatory conditions with disruption of epithelial barriers in the skin

US FDA: Wounds not healing spontaneously represent an unmet clinical need due to lack of effective treatments.

The FDA in April 2022 published the results of a 2 year effort evaluating the wound area. They concluded that existing standard treatments are ineffective (Verma et al. 2022).

MPPT is the first and only wound treatment that supports the skin and wound microbiome in removing infection. It is effective in immunocompetent and in immunocompromised individuals and across wounds types, including ulcers and burns.

Amicapsil in the House of Lords
Baroness Masham of Ilton, founder and president of SIA requests Amicapsil on the NHS in the House of Lords in order to fight AMR.

It’s not too much of an exaggeration to say Amicapsil changed my life. From 4 weeks of absolute hell, in pain 24 hours a day, struggling at work and looking at possibly taking time off – to being pain-free, getting a full night’s sleep and back to normal at work.” NH

Read case

See our 3 videos describing in detail how to use Amicapsil
See our 3 videos describing in detail how to use Amicapsil
Scientific presentation at International Spinal Cord Society meeting