Amicapsil and SertaSil

Treatments for wounds and dermatological lesions


MPPT is an approved treatment for wounds and dermatological lesions in humans and animals. It is effective in immunocompetent as well as in immunocompromised individuals, e.g. spinal cord injury and diabetes. It will normally close the wound fully. If there is an underlying cause, e.g. osteomyelitis, it can control the associated wound and soft tissue infection.

MPPT treats wound infections and supports tissue regeneration. It acts via the skin and wound microbiome to support the immune system. It is effective on antimicrobial resistant infections.

MPPT is easy to use and suitable for telemedicine.

MPPT is non-toxic and it is used in combination with tap-water and cotton. No plastics, antimicrobials or surfactants are used. It will not affect the environment. Antimicrobials and surfactants damage the environment and contribute to climate change.

Patient survey of MPPT published in Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences

New article on Amicapsil-SCI in SCI British Columbia SPIN-magazine

New clinical study with MPPT: 100% closure rate in acute and chronic pressure ulcers


Wounds, ulcers and burns

Amicapsil for humans

Trauma and surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, etc.

SertaSil for animals

Trauma and surgical wounds, abscesses, amputations, and burns in dogs, horses and other animals.


Aprobaxil for humans

Acne, pyoderma gangrenosum, hidradenitis suppurativa, atopic dermatitis, zits etc

Adinasil for animals

Eczema, dermatitis, lick granuloma, insect bites, autoimmune skin conditions, etc.

Spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury impairs the function of the immune system below the site of injury. This makes it difficult to fight infection and to heal wounds.

A wound therefore rapidly deteriorates and can give rise to osteomyelitis – bone infection. This is a serious and difficult-to-treat condition.

Fast and effective intervention to treat the wound is paramount.

Amicapsil-SCI can treat wounds, pressure ulcers, and burns in spinal cord injury. A study found a 100% closure rate for acute and chronic pressure ulcers.

If osteomyelitis has developed, Amicapsil-SCI can treat the soft tissue infection, which will be present. This reduces the risk of sepsis until the osteomyelitis can be removed by surgery.

Osteomyelitis can develop in as little as 2 weeks. Therefore, if you have a wound – do not wait.

Amicapsil - wounds, ulcers and burns

Clinical studies have shown that Amicapsil is safe and effective in treating acute and chronic wounds, ulcers and burns in immunocompetent and immunocompromised persons. It is effective on antimicrobial-resistant infections.

Wound types include:

 – Trauma and surgical wounds, abscesses

 – Pressure ulcers, venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers

 – Burns (thermal, chemical and radiation).

Remember that fast and effective intervention to treat the wound is paramount to avoid complications.

SertaSil - Veterinary wound treatment

SertaSil removes wound infection and supports tissue regeneration across species. It has effectively treated wounds in dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, donkeys, elephants and a baboon.

It is effective on highly infected wounds, including necrotic tails, injured paws, amputation sites, flesh-eating bacterial infections, and where stitches break open after surgery.

Even wounds not responding to antibiotics and antiseptics respond to SertaSil.

SertaSil is non-toxic.


Amicapsil and SertaSil are very easy to use and you, your family or your carer can easily be responsible for the daily treatment. This was confirmed in a clinical study.

The approach provides freedom and independence as you can do the dressing change where and when it suits you.

Using this approach, we are helping with wound treatment across the world.


New article

on Amicapsil-SCI in SCI British Columbia SPIN-magazine

Petition for Amicapsil

See petition to have Amicapsil available via the NHS.


Antibiotics and antiseptics are used extensively in wound care even though they have no clinical effect. More than half escape water treatment plants and end up in the environment, where they damage soil and aquatic microbiomes.

Microbes are responsible for over 50% of the removal of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. Damaging these microbiomes therefore contributes directly to climate change and loss of biodiversity.

Antiseptics are environmentally toxic, and e.g. nano-silver damages nitrogen-fixating bacteria, which are essential for plant life.

Antibiotics have been shown to increse the risk of obesity, cancer and mental health issues due to the damage they cause on the gut microbiome.

Most traditional wound dressings contain plastics, silicones, and chemicals.

MPPT contains only natural ingredients that are readily biologically recycled.

No antibiotics, antiseptics, surfactants, or plastics and other synthetic polymers are used with MPPT – only tap-water and cotton. All packaging is recyclable.

Did you know that microbes are responsible for removing over 50% of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere?