Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

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MPPT works in three steps: Absorption, Pumping by capillary forces and Evaporation.

Acapsil consists of microspheres that absorb and remove wound exudate.
MPPT consists of micropore particles that absorb and remove wound exudate.

The Exudate is absorbed into the MPPT micropore particles. These are highly porous and the pores (or capillaries) are interconnected. The capillaries work as a battery of small individual pumps that by means of capillary forces suck ( pumps) the exudate to the surface of the MPPT layer. Due to the structure of MPPT, the surface area is enlarged at least 15 times compared to the original wound bed and this facilitates an effective evaporation of the exudate. Suction stops automatically when no excess exudate is longer present.
Therefore, the wound bed will not over dry and the suction will not cause harm to the proliferating wound bed.

The capillary forces in MPPT are of 3 to 1500 meters elevation capacity; the principle is similar to the transport of water from the roots to the leaves in plants and trees.

Furthermore, this pumping action removes bacterial toxins in the exudate and water from bacterial biofilm thus creating holes in the structure that allows the body’s own immune cells access to the bacteria embedded in the biofilm. Biofilm is composed of 95% water.