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Diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers originate as secondary symptoms of a primary disease process that affects the entire body, i.e. diabetes and cardiovascular disease, respectively.

Among the symptoms of both diseases are ulcers, and in particular diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers. Both types of ulcers are caused by internal disease processes in the body as opposed to wounds that are typically caused by external factors such as trauma or surgery.

So, the origin of ulcers is to be sought within the body and their emergence is a sign that the disease processes have advanced to the point where the structures and tissue under the ulcerated area are seriously impaired.

That is why the use of MPPT on ulcers may diverge slightly to its use on wounds. MPPT will support the immune system in the fight against undesired colonisation and it will facilitate strong granulation in the ulcerated area. Part of granulation is angiogenesis, i.e. the creation of novel blood vessels. Renewed blood supply enables new tissue formation and thereby healing. This is what is typically seen in all ulcers receiving MPPT.

However, depending on the degree of advancement of the primary disease in the underlying structures, the body will be able to progress to closing the wound or, in advanced cases, the body will make progress at first but the disease will then overpower the newly induced healing progress. This is reflected in a slow-down of the healing and potential reappearance of slough and is the indication that an additional application of MPPT to re-boost the process is desirable.

The experience with MPPT is, that it can continue to support the healing of ulcers in all the disease stages – including non-healing ulcers – until closure. However, the number and frequency of applications are individual to the patient and directly dependent on the degree of advancement of his/her primary disease.