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Infected twice dehisced surgical wound

– 9 year 10 month old female neutered Labrador retriever had a dermal lump on her lateral right stifle. Cytology of needle aspirate indicated a mast cell tumour. No thoracic metastases were identified. No abnormal finding in liver and spleen. Mild liver enzyme elevation. The mass was surgically excised with 20mm lateral margins. Histology revealed a grade II Mast Cell Tumour with clear margins.

– 7 days post op, the middle portion of the wound dehisced so she started amoxicillin/clavulanic acid antibiotics.

– 9 days post op, the wound had dehisced totally so the wound was debrided and resutured with stents to relieve tension. A swab was taken for culture and sensitivity – E. coli and β-haemolytic Streptococcus were isolated.

– 20 days post op, the wound dehisced again and there was no skin for repeat surgery.

– 23 days post op SertaSil was started and applied once daily for 4 consecutive days. All applications except the first one was done by the owner at home.

– Then, the wound was left in peace to heal without further treatment or interference. It was fully epithelialized (closed) 16 days after first SertaSil application.

Responsible treating veterinary surgeon’s statement:
I am truly astounded as to the progress of the wound and extremely grateful to you for allowing me to use the product.

Responsible: Heidi Heath, vet, Midforest Vets.

Dehisced wound Day 0 before start of application
Dehisced wound Day 8
Dehisced wound Day 4

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