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An adult female African elephant in a UK zoo developed a skin wound just below the elbow on the lateral aspect of the left forelimb. The origin of the wound is unknown, but it developed from a minor abscess in the dermis over which the epidermis broke down. The resulting ulcerated area became infected with a moderate purulent exudate. The elephant allowed daily application of SertaSil without difficulty. The pictures are from May 11, 2013 at start of application (left) and May 27, 2013 after several applications of SertaSil.

Responsible vet: "The wound has healed without complication and in a relatively short period of time. Such lesions in elephants can be very persistent and my impression is that SertaSil has effected a swift resolution."

Responsible vet: "This has been very encouraging."

Responsible:John C. M. Lewis, vet, International Zoo Veterinary Group.

Elephant wound before SertaSil
Wound with SertaSil