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Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

Only natural ingredients

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SertaSil - testimonials

SertaSil has been used in the treatment of a number of infected, necrotic wounds and moist eczema in a a range of different species by veterinary clinics in the UK and Denmark. The endorsements and statements given below are extracts from the responses received after having evaluated SertaSil:

"I really like SertaSil. It vascularises the wound, it keeps the wound clean and we have not seen any signs of hypergranulation."

"The wound (skin wound in elephant) has healed without complication and in a relatively short period of time. Such lesions in elephants can be very persistent and my impression is that SertaSil has effected a swift resolution."

"Each time we have used SertaSil at the clinic, we have after only a few treatments been able to achieve a completely clean wound bed without necrosis, infection or inflammation. And the wounds have healed rapidly and effectively every time without any need for additional treatment. There are many products on the market developed for wound healing. SertaSil is beyond doubt the product with which I have experienced the best results."

I am impressed by the speed by which SertaSil cleanses and heals a wound. SertaSil will become an important factor in the future treatment of complicated wounds.

"So far seem to be seeing much reduced healing time and quick action using SertaSil. Ease of application and it also is very handy to apply to wounds that cannot be dressed."

"Just a quick update to say that this powder is AMAZING! Even after only one application, Ben's wound looked less 'aggressive' and the redness went away. He's been using the powder twice a day since I saw you on Thurs (today is Sat) and the difference is very noticeable!" "Describing SertaSil as 'amazing' is not very articulated, but it simply was! At the time Ben's wound was large and 'angry', bright red and full of fluid. It was almost visible to the naked eye from the first application, that fluid was being drawn away from the wound, the redness and the swelling went down."

"The owner reports he (Paddy, donkey) seems to like having his leg washed and the new powder (SertaSil) applied - quite a change from the hyperaesthetic response he'd previously displayed! Although its not as dramatic a response as you see in more normal tissue, I am very pleased that the affected area is continuing to contract down and re-epithelialise."

"The client’s experience and clinical outcome far exceeded my expectations."

"The abscess seemed to have gone quite deep so a lot of tissue was removed but you could really see the healing process, despite it taking a long time."

"Just to let you know that I started to use SertaSil on a wound today that did not have to be bandaged. Within 24hrs it had done a good job of reducing proud flesh and drying up the wound. It is overlying the Fetlock joint so would ordinarily be a difficult wound to treat as the horse needs to keep moving."

"SertaSil definitely has a role to play in veterinary wound care."