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Only natural ingredients

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MPPT works by absorbing the exudate, pumping it to the enlarged surface of the MPPT layer from where it evaporates. Compression therapy normally involves covering the wound with some type of occlusive material. This will interfere with the evaporation facilitated by MPPT and, therefore it would be preferable if the compression therapy could be interrupted for a very short period of time while MPPT is being used.

If an interruption is not possible, breathable compression hosiery can be used on top of the recommended very light permeable secondary dressing – preferably only one layer.

If completely occlusive devices are chosen for the compression therapy, the MPPT layer should be covered by a plain, standard absorbent, foam dressing, e.g. Allevyn Non-Adhesive, without any active components, e.g. silver, and the compression device on top of this secondary dressing.

MPPT has not been tested in conjunction with compression pumps.

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