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Only natural ingredients

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A 7 year old Dalmatian had a history of recurring, itchy skin problems. It was on chronic steroid treatment to manage the condition, but developed an 6 cm long lick granuloma on leg with secondary infection. SertaSil was applied to the wound daily. Within a week, the dog was defiantly more comfortable and not licking the wound. The granuloma epithelialised and healed in 2 weeks without use of systemic antibiotics.

Lucy McDonagh, owner: "Describing SertaSil as 'amazing' is not very articulated, but it simply was! At the time Ben's wound was large and 'angry', bright red and full of fluid. It was almost visible to the naked eye from the first application, that fluid was being drawn away from the wound, the redness and the swelling went down."

William Oldham, vet: "I would use SertaSil for lick granulomas again as the client's experience and clinical outcome far exceeded my expectations."

Responsible: William Oldham, vet, Hawthorn Lodge Veterinary Practice, Banbury.

Infected lick granuloma in dog - 2 days after application