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Dehisced surgical necrotic dog tail wound

A 4 month old Border Collie puppy had an inch of his tail removed after it was shut in a door. Following surgery, he developed an infection, the stitches broke and the wound deteriorated to the point of exposing the cartilage and bone on one side. The tip is barely attached to the tail and may end up being snipped off, but has granulated tissue underneath. The main concern is the right side which has the bone exposed.

Treatment with SertaSil was started and on Day 3 the tissue is granulating and slowly covering the bone.

On Day 16, the healing is steadily progressing and the owner write:”

I am over the moon with how it is healing and all thanks to SertaSil!

Everyone animal owner needs to know about this amazing product! “

On Day 29, pictures show that the tail tip is covered with new skin that now needs to mature.

Dehisced surgical wound following removal of 1 inch of the tail tip.
Tail tip shown from the side. The bone is clearly exposed.
Start of treatment with SertaSil - Day 0
Day 3 after start of SertaSil. The infection is removed and new tissue regenerated, which cover the bone.
Day 29 after start of SertaSil. New skin has covered the tip and is maturing.
Day 15. Tail continues to improve. The bone is fully covered with tissue and the area is looking healthy. New skin is forming to cover the tail tip.

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